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A, B, C and D can do a piece of work in 40 days. If A and B can do it together in 100 days,
and C alone in 120 days, find the time in which D alone can do it.

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A and B can do a piece of work in 6 days and C in 12 days. In how many days will A, B and
C do it together?

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A can do a piece of work in 40 days. He worked at it for 5 days then B finished it in 21
days. In how many days can A and B together finish the work?

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12 men can dig a trench in 36 days working 10 hrs/day. How many hours a day of daily
work will be required of 36 men working for 30 days to dig that trench?

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20 men, 30 women and 60 children working 6 hours/day build a 200 m long 2 m high and
40 cm wide wall in 20 days. How long a wall 1.5 m high and 60 cm wide will 30 men, 15 women
and 30 children build, working 9 hours/day in 15 days?

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X can walk a certain distance in with a uniform speed in 50 days. How long will it take him
to cover twice the distance with half of the normal speed?

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Two quantities are in the ratio 2:3. What is the smaller number if their sum is 70?

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X travels distance Y in 5 hours. If the speed increases by 8 kmph, then it would have taken
3 hours. Y is

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The first third of a 75 km trip took twice as long as the rest of the trip. If the first third took
h hours, then the average speed for the whole trip was

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Two cyclists do the same journey by travelling at 9 and 10 km/hr respectively. Find the
distance traveled when one takes 32 minutes longer than the other.

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A man buys milk at certain rate per liter and after mixing it with water sells it
again at the same rate. Find how many ml of water there are in every liter of milk if
the man makes a profit of 20%?

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A mixture of glycerin and water contains 35% glycerin by weight. 25 grams of
water is added to such 100 grams of mixture. What % of glycerin by weight is
there in the new mixture?

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A sum of Rs 45 is made up of 100 coins, partly of 50 p and partly 25 p. How
many 50 p coins are there?

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The ratio of milk and water in 55 liters of mixture is 7: 4. How much water must
be added to make the mixture’s ratio 7: 6 (in liters)?

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A businessman sells a lot of shirts at a profit of 12.5% and then invests the
proceeds in purchasing a lot of trousers, which he sells at a profit of 20%. If he
makes a net profit of Rs. 700, the cost of the shirts was?

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A man sold an article at 10% loss. Had he sold the article for Rs. 10 more, he
would have earned a profit of 10%. What is the cost price of article (in Rs.)?

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A man purchased a carriage and horse in Rs. 1500. By selling the horse at
10% loss and carriage at 20% profit he earned a profit of 8% on the whole
transaction. What is the price of carriage (in Rs.)?

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X shaved 40% of his customers and gave a haircut to 80%. He charged Rs.7
for a shave and Rs.5 for a hair cut. If 20% of customers who opted for a shave
also had a haircut, what were the earnings if he had 75 customers?

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R got 35% hike in his salary and 20% incentive on sales. If R sold goods worth
Rs. 850 last year and the salary was Rs 70, then how much more does he earn
this year with sales of Rs.900?

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R earns Rs.15000 a year. He spends 18% on rent. How much rent does he pay
in a month?

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There are 50 students of whom 47 are present. What % is absent?

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D’s income is Rs. 960. She saves Rs. 192. What % does she save?

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What is the HCF of 143 and 208?

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What is the LCM of 24, 48 and 72?

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When 8% of a number is added to the number itself the result is 810. What is
the number?

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Which is the least number, which, when divided by 12 and 16, leave the same
remainder, but is exactly divisible by 11?

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In x/y, the remainder is 17. In 2x/y, the remainder is 5. What is y?

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What will be the number of zeros at the end of the product of 1, 3, 5, 7 ….. 99?

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A 3-digit number xyz is squared, which of the following could be the last digit
of the square? 

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X divided by 899 gives a remainder 63. What remainder will be obtained by
dividing X by 29?

The average score is 6%


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