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Online MBA with Lovely Professional University

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Lovely Professional University

Free Counselling

Lovely Professional University

Online MBA Offered by Lovely Professional University: Unlocking Your Potential

Online MBA With Lovely Professional University (LPU) with the help of its MBA Online Programs guides students and learning individuals to unlock for themselves a wide number of opportunities after they pass out. With the help of online education pattern, Lovely Professional University (LPU) has helped individuals who are working to obtain this kind of qualification without neglecting their livelihood.

Online MBA With Lovely Professional University as One of the Best Options

It is already known that the business and corporate sector has a number of career and job options for individuals and people with the right skill set and qualification. Getting or obtaining an MBA degree has become a high demand as recruiters mostly look for this specific qualification while searching for management roles and positions’ applicants. Lovely Professional University (LPU) MBA Online programs help students to get this qualification easily from the comfort of their homes.

Programs Offered by Lovely Professional University

Perks of Joining LPU

If you take up an MBA Online Degree from Lovely Professional University (LPU), there are many benefits and advantages which you find for yourselves.


2 Years | Total of 4 semesters


8-10 hours/week


2 Years | Live + Recorded

Fee Starting at

INR 32,000/per semester
INR 1,28,000 (Course fee)

5 Standout Reasons that Set LPU's Online MBA Apart

Experience a top-notch curriculum meticulously crafted by industry and academic experts. Our highly qualified professors deliver an exceptional education that aligns with industry standards.

Access our cutting-edge LMS with a mobile app and interactive features that foster effective and engaging teaching and learning activities.

Go beyond academics with our comprehensive career support services. We enhance your capabilities to meet industry requirements and provide valuable placement assistance.

Immerse yourself in specially curated master classes and guest lectures led by renowned industry experts. Gain invaluable insights into the latest industry trends and developments.

Acquire a credible and prestigious degree from one of India’s leading universities, adding significant value to your educational qualification.

Connect with Your Mentors

Interact with renowned authorities in their fields and perfect your expertise for upcoming avenues.

anup sharma

Anup Sharma

Assistant Professor

Operations Management & Research

tanima dutta

Dr. Tanima Dutta

Associate Professor

Managerial Economics

pretty bhalla

Pretty Bhalla

Associate Professor

Marketing Manager

shikha goyal

Dr. Shikha Goyal

Associate Professor

Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Dynamics

rajeev gupta

Rajeev Gupta

Assistant Professor

International Business Environment

Action-Oriented Curriculum for Real-World Success

Semester 1:

Semester 2:

Semester 3:

Semester 4:

Note: LPU Online Programs are primarily conducted in English, with a few Hindi Core/Elective courses available within the BA Program.

Interactive and Engaging Learning

Immersive Industry Engagement

Guest Lectures, Webinars & Seminars by Distinguished Industrialists

Projects & Capstone

Multifaceted Assignments as a Culminating Academic Experience

Fostering Peer Evaluation

Structured Learning for Constructive Feedback and Critique

Interactive Learning with Live Q&A

Collaborative Discussions for Dynamic Knowledge Exchange


Program-Specific Key Advantages

Industry-Immersive MBA Curriculum

Our MBA program's industry-oriented curriculum equips students for remarkable growth and success in a competitive world, empowering them to excel in the future.

Cutting-Edge Pedagogy

Engaging interactive sessions, simulations, case analysis, and case development form the core of our course, delivering a dynamic learning experience that outshines traditional approaches.

Expert-Led Professional Enrichment

Through interactive sessions led by industry experts, we give students a unique opportunity to learn from the best, enhancing their knowledge and skills for professional success.

Gateway to Optimal Learning Experience

Online MBA Degree Lovely Professional university

LIVE Classes

  • Engaging LIVE lectures with an innovative classroom experience
  • Real-time interaction between students and faculty for dynamic learning
  • Structured opportunity for seamless communication

Online MBA Lovely Professional university

Recorded Content

  • Flexible access to content at your own pace
  • Adaptable learning to suit your style
  • Unlimited reviews for a comprehensive understanding

Lovely Professional university


  • Active engagement to evaluate knowledge and skills
  • Identify and address weak areas
  • Develop crucial metacognitive skills

Online MBA with Lovely Professional university


  • Customizable exam scheduling for convenience
  • Online proctored exams with AI monitoring
  • Hassle-free and personalized learning experience

Online MBA Lovely Professional university


  • Instant doubt clarification through chat
  • General and curriculum-related queries promptly addressed
  • Efficient and interactive learning experience

Online MBA in Lovely Professional university

Mobile App

  • User-friendly app for easy course access
  • Manages and smoothes out a learning schedule
  • Consistent learning on-the-go

Elevate and Master Your Managerial Skills

MBA cultivates a synergistic blend of theory and hands-on experience, enabling you to be career-ready and excel in your chosen path.

Role Starting Salary Job Openings
Quality Control Manager
Rs. 5 to 7 LPA
Store Development Manager
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA
HR Recruiter
Rs. 2 to 5 LPA
Managerial Leadership
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA
Operations Manager / Project Manager
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA
Customer Relationship Manager
Rs. 3 to 5 LPA


Optimize Your Degree for Real-World Excellence

Multifacet pathways to unlock the true potential of your degree program, ensuring real-world impact with LPU Online.

Pathway: 1

Mentoring & Support for Placement Success

  • Unleash your untapped potential
  • Guidance to excel in various placement drives
  • Acquire specific skills for enhanced career prospects

Pathway: 2

Incubation for Entrepreneurship

  • Access entrepreneurial opportunities, including technology support through Incubation centers
  • Seed capital for your business venture
  • Forge industry alliances and participate in capacity-building programs

Pathway: 3

Roadmap to Cracking Government Exams

  • Guidance for Government Exam Preparation
  • Tailored workshops to crack competitive exams
  • Curriculum integrated with specialized elements for effective preparation

Pathway: 4

Study Abroad Counseling

  • Expert guidance to comprehend university requirements
  • Find the perfect fit for your future university and desired field of study

Pathway: 5

Business Mentoring for Growth

  • Establish robust work ethics to drive your business forward
  • Develop vital skills to accelerate business growth

Pathway: 6

Education and Career Counselling

  • Personalized counseling to make immaculate education and career choices
  • Guidance from experienced industry professionals

Comprehensive Placement Assistance


Elevate your skills through our specialized Professional Enhancement Programme

Mock Interviews

Perfect your interview performance and ace your next opportunity

50-70 Company Visits

A substantial number of companies visit annually for recruitment purposes

Prominent Affiliated Recruiters

Admission Process

Step 1

Step 1

Sign up and submit the Rs. 600 registration fee

Step 2

Step 2

Complete the online application form, make the program fee payment, and upload the required documents

Step 3

Step 3

The University will verify the submitted documents, and you can expect approval soon

Step 4

Step 4

Complete your student registration and receive your LMS credentials via email

Fee & Eligibility

LPU Online Mode Fee – Indian & International Applicants
(Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh)
Semester FeeTotal Fee
(if paid Lumpsum)
Fee₹ 44,000
Program Fee: ₹ 40,000
Exam Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 1,76,000 (all sems.)
₹ 1,60,000
(₹40,000 per semester)
Early Decision Benefit

₹ 32,000
Program Fee: ₹ 28,000
Exam Fee: ₹ 4,000 (per sem.)
Total Fee: ₹ 1,28,000 (all sems.)
₹ 1,16,800
(₹ 29,200 per semester)

NOTE: The above fee excludes the non-refundable Registration Fee of ₹600/-.

LPU Online Mode Fee – International Applicants
(Other Countries)
Semester FeeTotal Fee
(if paid Lumpsum)

US$ 1650
Program Fee: US$ 1500,
Exam Fee: US$ 150 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 6600 (all semester.)

US$ 6000
(US$1500 per semester.)
Early Decision Benefit

US$ 1350
Program Fee: US$ 1050
Exam. Fee: US$ 150 (per sem.)
Total Fee: US$ 4800 (all semesters.)

US$ 4380
( US$ 1095 per sem.)

  • Bachelor’s degree (any discipline) or equivalent qualification. 


  • Completion of Company Secretary (CS) program from ICSI. 


  • Completion of Chartered Accountancy (CA) from ICAI or Cost & Management Accountancy (CMA) from ICMAI.


Please note that eligibility, admission criteria, and other conditions mentioned here or otherwise are subject to change as per university guidelines.

  • Students must make the prescribed fee payment online via the admission portal. 
  • Accepted payment methods include Debit cards, Credit cards, UPI, Wallets, Net Banking, and more. 
  • Please ensure that payments are made solely on the authorized portal to avoid unauthorized transactions. The University cannot be held accountable for any lapses in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MBA Programme?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, a postgraduate program that focuses on developing business and management skills for aspiring professionals.

What is the eligibility criteria for MBA?

The eligibility criteria for MBA typically include a bachelor’s degree in any discipline or equivalent qualification.

What are the job openings after completion of the MBA program?

  1. Management positions
  2. Business Consulting
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Human resources
  6. Entrepreneurship

How is the curriculum designed in the MBA program?

The curriculum of the MBA program is meticulously crafted to cover essential business areas such as finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership. It incorporates case studies, industry projects, and practical learning to provide a well-rounded business education.

How can doing an MBA benefit your career?

Doing an MBA can provide numerous career benefits, including enhanced business knowledge, expanded professional network, improved leadership skills, access to better job opportunities, and potential for higher earning potential.

What role does the University play in preparing students for future endeavors?

The University plays a vital role in preparing students by providing a comprehensive and industry-relevant curriculum, fostering practical skills, offering career guidance and placement support, and creating opportunities for internships, networking, and professional development.

What does LPU stand for? 

LPU stands for Lovely Professional University.

Where is LPU located? 

LPU is located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

What does LPU OL stand for? 

LPU OL stands for Lovely Professional University Online, which refers to the online learning division of Lovely Professional University.

What is Online Learning? 

Online learning is a mode of education that allows students to access educational resources and courses and interact with instructors through Internet-based platforms. It offers flexibility in terms of time, location, and pace of learning.

How does Online Learning contribute to the development of the country? 

Online learning contributes to the country’s development by expanding access to quality education, bridging educational gaps, promoting lifelong learning, upskilling the workforce, and fostering innovation in teaching and learning methodologies.

Will my qualification acquired through Online mode be valued? Will it make me eligible for jobs and higher studies? 

Qualifications acquired through online learning are valued as long as a recognized and accredited institution offers the online program. Online qualifications can make individuals eligible for jobs and higher studies as employers and universities increasingly recognize the value and legitimacy of online education.

What are the features of LPU OL?

Interactive Live Classes: LPU OL provides engaging live classes where students can actively participate, ask questions, and interact with instructors and peers in real-time.

Recorded Video Content: Students have access to recorded video content, allowing them to review lectures and course materials at their own pace and convenience.

Diverse Elective Choices: LPU OL offers a variety of discipline-specific and generic elective courses, enabling students to tailor their learning experiences based on their interests and career goals.

User-Friendly Learning Management System (LMS): LPU OL utilizes a user-friendly LMS that provides easy navigation, organized course materials, assignment submissions, and seamless communication channels.

Comprehensive Academic Support Services: LPU OL provides comprehensive academic support services, including mentorship, counseling, and guidance, ensuring that students receive the necessary assistance throughout their learning journey.

What are the benefits of Online Learning?


Online learning allows students to learn at their own pace, choose their study hours, and balance their education with other commitments.

Access to a Wide Range of Courses and Programs: 

Online learning provides access to a diverse range of courses and programs that may not be available locally, expanding educational opportunities.


Students can access course materials and participate in classes from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for commuting to a physical campus.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience: 

Online learning platforms offer interactive multimedia resources, discussions, and collaborative projects that enhance engagement and knowledge retention.

Personalized Learning Pace: 

Students can learn at their own speed, reviewing and revisiting materials as needed, ensuring a customized learning experience that suits their individual learning styles.

Opportunities for Self-Paced Learning and Skill Development: 

Online learning platforms often provide additional resources, such as self-paced modules and skill-building exercises, allowing students to develop new skills and enhance their knowledge beyond the core curriculum.

Does UGC recognize Lovely Professional University? 

Yes, Lovely Professional University (LPU) is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), a statutory body responsible for the coordination, determination, and maintenance of standards of higher education in India.

Is LPU a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)? 

Yes, LPU is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), an apex body that serves as a forum for coordination and mutual consultation among universities in India.

Does the UGC approve LPU Online Learning Programmes? 

Yes, the UGC approves the online learning programs offered by Lovely Professional University (LPU), ensuring that the programs meet the necessary quality standards and academic requirements.

Does AICTE approve the online programs? 

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) does not typically approve online programs. However, it is advisable to verify the specific accreditation or approval status of individual programs offered by Lovely Professional University (LPU) with the university itself.

Are Exams conducted Online or Offline? 

Exams are conducted online for LPU Online Learning (OL) programs.

What are the components of evaluation? 

  1. Continuous Assessment (CA)
  2. End-Term Examination (ETE) (for Theory Courses)
  3. End-Term Practical/Project (ETP) (For Practical/ Project/ Dissertation/ Term Paper-based courses)

The continuous assessment of OL learners for each course is based on which components? 

Graded Assignments: OL learners will receive assignments via LPU Online LMS for continuous performance assessment.

Academic Participation and Engagement: Active involvement in scheduled live classes, pre-recorded video lectures, discussion forum participation, and quizzes is mandatory for assessing Academic Participation and Engagement, which is a vital part of Continuous Assessment (CA).

How much weightage do the End Term Exam and Continuous Assessment carry? 

The End Term Exam holds a weightage of 70% in the final assessment, while Continuous Assessment carries a weightage of 30%.

How will the online End-Semester Examination be conducted? 

The “My Class” interface on LPU Online LMS is used for conducting online examinations. End Term Examinations are conducted using proctored examination methodology, as per UGC regulations. Students are provided with demo videos to familiarize themselves with the system before the exams.

Can I appear for the End Term Exam using my smartphone? 

Yes, you can appear for the End Term Exam using a smartphone if it meets the technical requirements and compatibility with the online examination platform.

Am I monitored during the Proctored Examination? 

Yes, you will be monitored during the Proctored Examination through advanced technologies and artificial intelligence-based tools.

What is the duration of End Term Examinations? 

The duration of End Term Examinations is 3 hours.

What type of questions are asked in the End Term Examination? 

The End Term Examination may consist of objective and subjective questions of short and long answer types.

Is there a negative marking for wrong answers? 


Can I skip a question and go back to it? 

No, once you proceed to the next question, you cannot revisit or go back to the previous question.

When are the End-term/Re-appear Examinations conducted? 

The End-Term/Re-appear Examinations typically take place in June and December. For the specific schedule, please refer to the announcement section of LPU Online LMS regularly.

Where will the End-term/Re-appear Examinations be conducted? 

The End-term/Re-appear Examinations will be conducted online, allowing students to take the exams from their preferred location with a stable internet connection.

How do I get the Date Sheet for End-term/Re-appear Examinations?

The Date Sheet for End-term/Re-appear Examinations will be available on the LPU Online LMS 

Step 1. Exam Connect

Step 2. Date Sheet

What if I fail to register for Re-appear in a particular Exam Session? 

If you fail to register for a re-appear in a specific exam session, you may need to wait for the next available opportunity to appear for the exam, per the university’s guidelines and policies.

How do I report a discrepancy, if any, in the Date Sheet of the End-term/ Re-appear Examination?

To report any discrepancies in the Date Sheet of the End-term/Re-appear Examination, please send an email to the University at examinations@lpuonline.com.

What if I fail to register for Re-appear in a particular Exam Session? 

If you miss the opportunity to register for a re-appear in a specific Exam Session, you can do so in the next Exam Session. However, please note that this option is only applicable for Exam Sessions that fall within the maximum duration of your program.

When will I get my study material? 

You will receive your study material via your Online LMS accounts.

Study Material is available in which language? Is study material available in regional languages?

The study material is available in English only.

Can I download and save the Study Material available on LPU Online LMS? 

Yes, you can download and save the study material provided on the LPU Online Learning Management System (LMS) for convenient access offline.

Do I have to pay an extra fee to collect the Study Material? 

No, there is no extra fee for collecting the study material. The study material is included in the program fee and will be provided to you as part of your enrollment.

What is LPU Online LMS? 

LPU Online LMS (Learning Management System) is a platform provided by Lovely Professional University for students to access course materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments, and interact with faculty and peers.

What are the features of LPU Online LMS? 

My Account: Personalized account for students with personal and registration details, including access to online ID cards.

Virtual Class: Online platform for attending live lectures as per the timetable.

Online Assessment: Provision for scheduled online tests and viewing test results.

E-Communication: Access to e-announcements and personalized messages.

E-Content: Recorded video lectures, PPTs, e-books, program guides, self-assessments, and transcripts.

Exam Connect: Functions for datasheet, results, provisional academic transcripts, assignment submission, exam discrepancy reporting, and re-evaluation registration.

Chat: Direct interaction with faculty for academic queries.

Discussion Forum: Platform to post course-related queries and engage in discussions.

Placement: Option to provide placement needs and preferences.

How is LPU Online LMS useful for me? 

LPU Online LMS allows you to conveniently access course materials, engage in interactive learning activities, collaborate with peers and instructors, submit assignments, and track your academic progress.

From where can I access LPU Online LMS? 

LPU Online LMS can be accessed through the direct link: https://lms.lpuonline.com/ or through the website www.lpuonline.com through the LMS Login option.

How can I access my LMS? 

Once you enroll in an LPU Online program, you will receive your username and password to access the LMS. These credentials will be provided to you after the admission process.

When will I get my username and password for LMS? 

You will receive your LMS username and password after completing the admission process and enrolling in an LPU Online program.

Can I get the username and password of LMS without taking admission? 

No, the LMS username and password are provided to enrolled students only, upon completing the admission process.

How can I access my Identity Card? 

ID Card can be downloaded through the ID Card Interface in the My Account section of the LMS. It is recommended to print and laminate the ID card. The ID card is essential for activities such as examinations, visiting the university, participating in university events, and virtual placement drives.

Do I have to pay extra charges for using LMS? 

No, there are no extra charges for using the LPU Online LMS. It is included as part of your program enrollment.

Is there any specific time to access LMS?

 LPU Online LMS is accessible 24/7, allowing you to access course materials and participate in learning activities at your convenience.

What computer configurations do I need to have to access LMS? 

    • Browser: Latest browser (Firefox 90.0+, Chrome 90.0+, Opera 80.0, Safari 15.0, Edge 90.0+)
    • Bandwidth: Minimum 1 MBPS (Recommended 2 MBPS)
    • System Configuration: Windows 8.0 or later with a minimum of 2 GB RAM
    • Acrobat Reader

Can I access LPU Online LMS through my smartphone? 

Yes, LPU Online LMS is accessible through smartphones and other mobile devices that have an internet connection and support a compatible browser.

Who should be given admission to LPU OL? 

LPU OL is suitable for individuals seeking flexible and high-quality education, working professionals looking to enhance their skills, and those interested in pursuing higher education through online learning.

What is the maximum age at which one can be given admission to LPU OL? 

There is no specified maximum age limit for admission to LPU OL. The programs are open to individuals of all age groups.

Can I take admission if the result of my qualifying examination is awaited, or do I have backlogs/re-appear/compartments in the qualifying examination? 

Applicants who are waiting for the result of their qualifying exam can apply for admission, on the condition that they submit the result to the university either by the last date of provisional registration, during the admission process, or by the specified deadline set by the university.

What if I fail to submit pending documents by the stipulated dates? 

Failure to submit pending documents by the stipulated dates may result in the cancellation of your admission. It is important to adhere to the document submission deadlines provided by the university.

How to get the prospectus? 

To get the prospectus, you can visit the LPU Online website and navigate to the prospectus section. It is available for download in a digital format.

How do I know if I am eligible for a program under LPU OL? 

The eligibility criteria for all programs are provided in the prospectus and on the university website. It is essential to carefully study and understand the eligibility requirements before filling out the application form. To check your eligibility, you can email your documents to admissions@lpuonline.com or seek assistance from our counselors by calling us at 01824520001.

What are the various Disciplines offered by LPU OL? 

LPU OL offers programs in various disciplines such as Computer Applications (CA), Management, Commerce, Science, and Arts.

What is the maximum duration of the programs offered by LPU OL? 

  • Programmes of 2 years duration have a maximum duration of 4 Years
  • Programmes of 3 years duration have a maximum duration of 6 Years

What are the various Computer Applications (CA) programs offered by LPU OL? 

  • After 12th: Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  • After Graduation: Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

What are the various Management programs offered by LPU OL? 

LPU OL offers a variety of Management programs that cover areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and general management. The specific program options and specializations can be found on the LPU Online website.

What are the various Commerce programs offered by LPU OL? 

LPU OL offers Commerce programs that cover subjects related to accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and business studies. To explore the specific Commerce program options, please refer to the LPU Online website.

What are the various Science programs offered by LPU OL? 

LPU OL provides Science programs encompassing disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science. The specific Science program options can be found on the LPU Online website.

What are the various Arts programs offered by LPU OL? 

LPU OL offers Arts programs that cover a wide range of subjects, including literature, history, sociology, psychology, political science, and more. To explore the specific Arts program options, please refer to the LPU Online website.

What all rankings and recognitions have been received by LPU for placements? 

LPU has been ranked among the top 100 private state universities for placement performance by Business Today. It has received the National Employability Award for seven consecutive years and has been rated the 10th Best Training and Placement Institution in India by The Knowledge Review. These recognitions highlight LPU’s dedication to providing excellent placement opportunities.

How will I be notified about any placement drive company? 

Notifications about placement drive companies are typically shared through various channels, including emails, announcements on the LPU Online LMS, and communication from the placement cell.

How many companies visit the LPU campus for placements? 

On average, LPU welcomes over 200 national and international companies to its campus each year to hire talented individuals. However, the year 2020 witnessed a remarkable achievement as more than 800 top-notch MNCs visited the LPU campus for placements, setting a new record.

How can I connect with the placement cell? 

You can email @ placements@lpuonline.com or call us at 01824-520500.

What placement initiatives are taken by LPU? 

LPU conducts classes as part of its Placement Enhancement Program (PEP), which focuses on developing students’ aptitude, reasoning, soft skills, and interviewing skills. These classes commence from the beginning of the course and continue until the placement period, preparing students for successful career placements.

How can I connect with the University Representative in case face any issues after taking admission?

Call us at our Helpline number 01824-520500


Email us @ help@lpuonline.com


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