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Career Advancement Liverpool University Online MBA

In the moment’s competitive business geography, professionals are constantly seeking openings to enhance their chops and accelerate their career excrescency. One similar occasion lies in coursing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) place. While traditional Liverpool University Online MBA programs have long been regarded as prestigious, the arrival of online courses has made them more popular for working professionals worldwide.

Beaching on a trip to advance one’s career through advanced instruction frequently requires careful reflection of colourful procurators. Liverpool University’s Online MBA program presents a satisfying occasion for professionals seeking to enhance their business wit and leadership chops while balancing work and particular commitments. Allow us to claw deeper into this prestigious program and explore its crucial features and advantages

Liverpool University with IMT Ghaziabad

Liverpool Business School, a famed institution known for its devotion to distinction in business instruction, has established a cooperative cooperation with IMT Ghaziabad, a leading business academy in India. This collaboration aims to nurture intellectual trade, exploration collaboration, and artistic enrichment between the two institutions, creating precious openings for scholars, faculty, and staff.

  • Academic Exchange Programs: The collaboration between Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad facilitates intellectual trade programs that allow scholars to study everywhere and witness no identical literacy surroundings. Through pupil trade agreements, scholars have to enthrall themselves in different societies, gain transnational perspectives, and expand their intellectual midair’s. They can register in courses, share in externships, and fascinate intercultural literacy gests , enhancing their intellectual and particular excrescency.
  • Joint Research Initiatives: Collaboration between faculty ingredients from Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad facilitates common exploration enterprise and interdisciplinary systems. Faculty ingredients unite on exploration motifs of collective interest, guide common inquiries, and publish exploration papers in peer-examined diurnals. By using their moxie and coffers, they contribute to the enhancement of knowledge in their separate fields and address pressing business expostulations through ingenious exploration and education. 

  • Professional Development: Workshops Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad systematize professional evolution shops, forums, and conferences to enhance the chops and capabilities of scholars, faculty, and assiduity professionals. These events cover a wide range of motifs similar to leadership evolution, entrepreneurship, business ethics, and sustainable evolution. By bringing together experts and allowing leaders from academia and assiduity, these events give precious perceptivity, networking openings, and professional excrescency gests for actors.

  • Assiduity hookups and Cooperation’s: Collaboration between Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad extends beyond academia to carry assiduity hookups and cooperation’s. The two institutions work closely with commercial mates, assiduity cooperation’s, and government agencies to develop assiduity-applicable classes, systematize guest lectures, and grease externships and placement openings for scholars. By forging strong ties with the business community, they ensure that graduates are well-prepared to meet the requirements of the global pool and contribute to profitable evolution and invention.

  • Cross-Cultural Literacy Experiences: The collaboration between Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad promotes cross-cultural literacy gests that nurture understanding, forbearance, and estimation for different perspectives. Scholars have to interact with peers from no identical artistic grounds, share intercultural systems, and fascinate in artistic absorption conditioning. By embracing diversity and multiculturalism, scholars develop intercultural capabilities and global citizenship chops that are essential for success in the moment’s connected world.

  • Joint Degree Programs: Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad extend commonplace programs that allow scholars to realize stages from both institutions contemporaneously. These programs combine the puissance and coffers of both institutions, furnishing scholars with complete and encyclopedically honored instruction. Scholars profit from different literacy gests, access to faculty moxie, and meliorated career prospects upon scale. 



18 months | 6 Specializations


8-10 hours/week


45+ Live Sessions | Live + Recorded

Fee Starting at

INR 10,625/month Totally INR 4,80,000* No taxes applicable

Inflexibility and Convenience

One of the crucial vantages of the Liverpool University Online MBA is its inflexibility and luxury. Aimed with the requirements of working out professionals in mind, the program allows scholars to balance their inquiries with their careers and particular commitments. With asynchronous literacy formats, scholars can pierce course accoutrements, lectures, and assignments at their luxury, from anywhere in the world. This inflexibility enables scholars to customize their study schedules and progress through the program at their own pace, making it ideal for assiduous professionals seeking to advance their careers without dismembering their work or particular lives. 

One of the defining features of Liverpool University’s Online MBA Course is its inflexibility. Feting the different requirements of working out professionals, the program allows scholars to customize their study schedules to fit their assiduous cultures. Whether you are balancing work commitments, blood liabilities, or other scores, the asynchronous literacy format enables you to pierce course accoutrements and lectures at your luxury, from anywhere in the world.

Rigid Class and Specializations

The Liverpool University Online MBA features a rigid class that covers a wide range of business motifs, involving finance, marketing, missions, and programs. Through a mix of gut courses, electives, and existential literacy openings, scholars gain a complete understanding of crucial business generalities and practices. 

Also, the program offers a variety of specializations, allowing scholars to knitter their instruction to match their career pretensions and interests. Whether you are interested in entrepreneurship, transnational business, or commercial finance, there is a specialization accessible to suit your bourns.

Here’s a table summarizing key information about the Online MBA course at Liverpool University

Aspect Details

 Course Title

Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Liverpool University

Course Duration

Typically 2 years (Part-time)

Total Credits

180 credits 

Course Structure

Asynchronous online learning modules

Specializations Available

Various specializations including Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, etc.


Accredited by AACSB and AMBA

Tuition Fees

1.50 lakhs - 22 lakhs

 Admission Requirements


Application Deadlines

Multiple intakes throughout the year

Learning Format 


Learning Resources

Access to online library, e-books, academic journals, and research databases

Support Services

Dedicated academic advisors, technical support teams, and career services

Alumni Network

Access to a global network of alumni for networking and professional development opportunities

The Extensive Syllabus

Key Highlights

Liverpool Online MBA

Eligibility Criteria

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Online MBA class at Liverpool University encompasses a broad diapason of business firmaments, furnishing scholars with a complete understanding of crucial generalities and practices. From finance and marketing to missions and programs, the program covers essential motifs essential for success in the moment’s dynamic business terrain. also, scholars have the option to specialize in areas similar to entrepreneurship, transnational business, or commercial finance, acclimatizing their instruction to align with their career bournes.

Liverpool University’s Online MBA program has gathered sun for its ingenious class, adjustable literacy options, and devotion to intellectual distinction. Over time, the program has produced a mass of success stories, with graduates scoring remarkable career creations and making significant benefactions to their separate diligence. Let’s claw into some inspiring chronicles of Liverpool University Online MBA graduates who have achieved noble success in their professional trials.

Advancing Leadership Places

Numerous graduates of Liverpool University’s Online MBA program have abused their meliorated leadership chops and business wit to secure top-league operation positions within their associations. 

From transnational pots to startups, Online MBA alumni have assumed places similar to CEO, Susurrus, and Vice President, leading strategic enterprise, driving excrescency, and leading brigades to success. Entrepreneurial gambles, several Online MBA graduates have embarked on entrepreneurial gambles, using the knowledge and chops acquired during their inquiries to commence prosperous startups and business gambles. 

Whether in the tech region, healthcare assiduity, or sustainability room, these enterprising individuals have demonstrated originality, adaptability, and a keen understanding of request dynamics, turning their ingenious ideas into burgeoning companies.

Global Jolt and Gregarious Responsibility

Liverpool University Online MBA graduates aren’t only scoring success in their careers but also making a positive jolt on society and the terrain. Numerous alumni are leading enterprises concentrated on commercial gregarious responsibility (CSR), sustainability, and gregarious entrepreneurship, driving positive revisions within their associations and communities. Through their leadership and advocacy, these individuals are contributing to a more sustainable and indifferent world.

Assiduity Recognition and Awards Liverpool University

Online MBA graduates have gathered assiduity recognition and accolades for their outstanding accomplishments and benefactions to their fields. From prestigious awards for leadership distinction to assiduity- special accolades for invention and jolt, these accomplished professionals have earned the reference and estimation of their peers and associates, further setting the character of Liverpool University’s Online MBA program.

Career Opportunities

  • Management Consultant: Graduates can shadow places as operation advisers, offering strategic guidance to companies across diligence. They dissect organisational cases, recommend results, and support companies in ameliorating their interpretation and effectiveness.
  • Business Development Manager: Business evolution directors identify new business openings, forge hookups, and punch excrescency strategies for associations. They play a pivotal part in expanding request reach, adding profit, and enhancing profitability.
  • Financial Analyst: Financial judges charge investment openings, dissect fiscal data, and give perceptivity to support investment opinions. They work for banks, investment enterprises, pots, and government agencies, helping guests maximize responses and take pitfalls.
  • Marketing Director: Marketing directors develop and apply marketing strategies to promote productions or services, enhance brand visibility, and punch deals. They oversee advertising juggernauts, request exploration, and client engagement enterprise to achieve business objectives. 
  • Operations Manager: Operations directors oversee the day-to-day missions of associations, icing smooth workflow, optimal resource application, and timely quittance of productions or services. They play a pivotal part in streamlining processes, perfecting effectiveness, and minimizing charges.
  • Project Manager: Project directors conduct and take systems from commencement to completion, ensuring they’re delivered on time, within account, and tallying to specifications. They conciliate coffers, allow tasks, and alleviate pitfalls to achieve design pretensions and objects. 
Online MBA Degree with Liverpool

Action-Oriented Curriculum for Real-World Success

Benefits of Studying an Online MBA Course from Liverpool

Explore how Liverpool University’s Online MBA utilizes ingenious virtual literacy surroundings to produce engaging and interactive instructional gests for scholars, furthering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Claw into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and online learning algorithms in Liverpool University’s Online MBA program, examining how these ingenious tools epitomize mastering gests, give real-time feedback, and enhance pupil issues.

 Probe how Liverpool University integrates virtual reality (VR) technology into its Online MBA class, offering scholars immersive literacy gests that pretend real-world business scripts and surroundings.

Bandy Liverpool University’s slice-bite class includes modules on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, prepping scholars to navigate the evolving geography of digital finance and decentralized systems.

Explore Liverpool University’s emphasis on data analytics and business intelligence in its Online MBA program, readying scholars with the chops to harness monumental data and decide practicable perceptivity to punch strategic resolution- timber.

Examine Liverpool University’s seat on ethical leadership and CSR in its Online MBA class, empowering scholars to conduct with veracity and address societal and environmental expostulations in the business world.

 Discover Liverpool University’s ingenious global business simulation exercises, where scholars unite in virtual brigades to break daedal business expostulations in a dynamic and competitive transnational business.

Get about Liverpool University’s entrepreneurship incubator program bedded within the Online MBA class, furnishing aspiring entrepreneurs with mentorship, coffers, and bracelets to develop and commence their gambles.

Probe Liverpool University’s project thinking and invention labs, where Online MBA scholars unite on interdisciplinary systems to ideate, prototype, and apply ingenious results to real-world business cases.

Explore Liverpool University’s devotion to diversity, impartiality, and addition in its Online MBA program, furthering a probative and inclusive literacy terrain where scholars from different grounds feel invested to deliver.

Interactive and Engaging Learning

Immersive Industry Engagement

Guest Lectures, Webinars & Seminars by Distinguished Industrialists

Projects & Capstone

Multifaceted Assignments as a Culminating Academic Experience

Fostering Peer Evaluation

Structured Learning for Constructive Feedback and Critique

Interactive Learning with Live Q&A

Collaborative Discussions for Dynamic Knowledge Exchange

Assiduity-Applicable Chops and Ultra practical Operation

Liverpool University’s Online MBA program emphasizes the evolution of assiduity-applicable chops and ultrapractical operation. Through case inquiries, simulations, and real-world systems, scholars gain a grasp- on experience in working daedal business cases and making strategic opinions. Also, the program incorporates guest lectures, assiduity councils, and networking events, furnishing scholars with openings to fascinate assiduity professionals and gain perceptivity into current trends and stylish practices. This emphasis on ultrapractical operation ensures that graduates are well-prepared to deliver in the moment’s dynamic business terrain.

Admission Process

  • Step 1

    Navigate to the official website of the university where you wish to pursue your MBA

  • Step 2

    Register as a new user and accurately fill out the application form with your personal application

  • Step 3

    Submit the application along with the required document and the registration fee

  • Step 4

    Use one of the payment methods offered on the websites such as net banking UPI payment or demand draft, to pay the academic fee

  • Step 5

    After completing these steps, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the program the your student enrollment number

Gateway to Optimal Learning Experience

LIVE Classes

Live interactive virtual classes

Recorded Content

Highly interactive e-Learning content

self Assessment With Liverpool University


Best faculty interaction and chat sessions

Examination With Liverpool University


Webinars from the industry experts

Live Chat with Liverpool University


Groups discussions via live chats

Elevate and Master Your Managerial Skills

Role Starting Salary Job Openings
Quality Control Manager
Rs. 5 to 8 LPA
Store Development Manager
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA
HR Recruiter
Rs. 2 to 5 LPA
Managerial Leadership
Rs. 5 to 8 LPA
Operations Manager / Project Manager
Rs. 5 to 11 LPA
Customer Relationship Manager
Rs. 2 to 7 LPA


Optimize Your Degree for Real-World Excellence

Multifaceted pathways to unlock the true potential of your degree program, ensuring real-world impact with Liverpool Online

Pathway: 1

Mentoring & Support for Placement Success

  • Unleash your untapped potential
  • Guidance to excel in various placement drives
  • Acquire specific skills for enhanced career prospects

Pathway: 2

Incubation for Entrepreneurship

  • Access entrepreneurial opportunities, including technology support through Incubation centers
  • Seed capital for your business venture
  • Forge industry alliances and participate in capacity-building programs

Pathway: 3

Roadmap to Cracking Government Exams

  • Guidance for Government Exam Preparation
  • Tailored workshops to crack competitive exams
  • Curriculum integrated with specialized elements for effective preparation

Pathway: 4

Study Abroad Counseling

  • Expert guidance to comprehend university requirements
  • Find the perfect fit for your future university and desired field of study

Pathway: 5

Business Mentoring for Growth

  • Establish robust work ethics to drive your business forward
  • Develop vital skills to accelerate business growth

Pathway: 6

Education and Career Counselling

  • Personalized counseling to make immaculate education and career choices
  • Guidance from experienced industry professionals

Comprehensive Placement Assistance


Elevate your skills through our specialized Professional Enhancement Programme

Mock Interviews

Perfect your interview performance and ace your next opportunity

50-70 Company Visits

A substantial number of companies visit annually for recruitment purposes


In conclusion, the Liverpool University Online MBA offers a satisfying occasion for working professionals to advance their careers and achieve their intellectual pretensions. With its adjustable literacy format, rigid class, interactive literacy experience, and global standpoint, the program equips scholars with the knowledge, chops, and credentials demanded to deliver in the moment’s competitive business geography. Whether you are seeking to enhance your leadership chops, pivot into a new assiduity, or commence your adventure, the Liverpool University Online MBA provides a pathway to success.


Let’s Seek Some Solutions

Who is this program for?

Liverpool Business School’s MBA Program is designed for working professionals who do not want to take time off from work but still wish to pursue a world-class management education from a Global Business School.

The curriculum in the Liverpool Business School online MBA program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals early in their careers looking to advance their careers in their field or transition to a different field.

Working Professionals/Business Owners/Entrepreneurs with 1-5 years of full-time work experience use this MBA Liverpool degree to increase their career growth by 10x. 

Is there an eligibility criteria for this program?

Yes, there is an eligibility criteria for the Liverpool MBA upGrad.  Bachelor’s degree issued by any university under UGC with a minimum of 50% marks and at least 2 years of full-time work experience by the second year of the course.

What is the admission process?

The admissions process is completely online for the Liverpool University MBA offered by the upGrad. The following are the key steps in the application process: 

Step 1 – Complete Application: Fill out the Global MBA application form.

Step 2 – Get shortlisted and receive the offer letter: The candidates will be evaluated based on their profile, i.e. professional experience and academic scores.

Step 3 – Block your seat and Complete the Payment: Upon receiving the offer letter, block your seat by paying a caution amount and paying the balance fee.

What kind of certification will I get after completion of this course?

Post successful completion of this program, you will get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from Liverpool Business School, UK Advanced General Management Program from IMT-Ghaziabad.

How much time do I need to spend to achieve success in the program?

You will need to spend 12+ hrs/week to get optimum results and learn while you pursue the MBA degree online.

Overall, this program will have video content broken down into small easy-to-complete segments that you can watch on the go-across devices. The remaining hours of engagement will be a mix of industry projects, live instructor sessions, mentoring sessions, and online and offline meetups.

Can I do the MBA Program from my city?

You can learn this program of MBA Liverpool Business School from any city in India and abroad. 

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