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Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is a famed institution that offers a variety of intellectual programs, involving Online Master of Trades (MA) courses with specialized attention. The MA course at Sikkim Manipal University is aimed to give scholars a deep understanding of their field of study while also offering inflexibility and openings for particular and professional excellence. Allow claw into the MA course immolations and specializations accessible at Sikkim Manipal University.

The Online MA course at Sikkim Manipal University covers a wide range of firmaments, allowing scholars to shadow their intellectual interests and career pretensions. One of the crucial highlights of the Online MA program is its inflexibility, which enables scholars to conform their coursework to suit their requirements and bourne. 

Whether you are interested in literature, history, sociology, psychology, or any other field within humankind and have gregarious interests, SMU’s MA program offers a different batch of specializations to take from. 

Online MA in English Literature: This specialization is aimed at scholars passionate about literature and language. The program delves into colorful erudite stripes, ages, and authors, furnishing scholars with a complete understanding of English literature. Courses may cover motifs similar to poetry, theater, fabrication, erudite proposition, and artistic inquiries.

Online MA in History: For those fascinated by history and eager to explore literal events and societies, the Online MA in History specialization offers a witching trip through time. Scholars claw into the study of literal ages, motions, and significant events, gaining perceptivity into the complications of mortal society and society. Online MA in Sociology Sociology studies mortal society, gregarious geste, and gregarious institutions. 

Online MA in Sociology specialization at SMU delves into colorful sociological propositions, exploration styles, and coincidental effects. Scholars explore motifs similar to gregarious inequality, globalization, gender inquiries, civic sociology, and more.

Online MA in Psychology: Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and geste. Online MA in Psychology specialization offers a complete disquisition of this charming field. scholars get about cerebral propositions, exploration methodologies, and ultrapractical operations in areas similar to clinical psychology, comforting psychology, organizational psychology, and more.

Online MA in Political Science: Politics shapes the world we reside in, and the Online MA in Political Science specialization provides scholars with a deeper understanding of political systems, testaments, governance, and transnational dealings. scholars explore motifs similar to political proposition, relative politics, public procedure, and global politics.

Online MA in Economics: Economics is the study of how associations allow scarce coffers to meet their requirements and solicitations. Online MA in Economics specialization at SMU covers motifs similar to microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, profitable evolution, and transnational trade.

Online MA in Education: The Online MA in Education specialization is aimed at individuals interested in the field of instruction, whether as preceptors, directors, or policymakers. Scholars explore motifs similar to instructional psychology, class evolution, educational technology, and instructional leadership. 


2 Years | Total of 4 semesters


8-10 hours/week


2 Years | Live + Recorded

Fee Starting at

Total course fee (four semesters) INR 75,000

These are precisely many exemplifications of the Online MA specializations accessible at Sikkim Manipal University. Each specialization offers a special class acclimatized to the special requirements and interests of scholars, furnishing them with the knowledge, chops, and moxie demanded to excel in their field.

Also, SMU’s Online MA program emphasizes a grasp-on literacy, exploration, and ultrapractical operations, ensuring that scholars are well-prepared for the expostulations and openings of the professional world. 

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is famed for its complete winner of trades (Mama) program, offering scholars a wide batch of specializations to take from. With a seat on intellectual distinction, assiduity applicability, and inflexibility, SMU’s Online MA courses are aimed to feed the different interests and career bournes of scholars. 

One of the crucial highlights of SMU’s Online MA program is its expansive range of specializations, allowing scholars to shadow their passion and claw deeper into their chosen field of study. From humankind and gregarious lores to operation and technology, SMU offers specializations in colorful firmaments, icing that scholars can conform their instruction to align with their career pretensions and interests. 

For scholars interested in humankind and gregarious lores, SMU offers specializations in subjects similar to English literature, history, sociology, and political wisdom. 

These specializations give scholars a complete understanding of mortal geste, society, cultivation, and politics reading them with overcritical thinking chops and logical capacities that are largely appraised in the moment’s job request.

In extension to humankind and gregarious lores, SMU also offers specializations in operation, allowing scholars to develop moxie in areas similar to mortal resource operation, marketing operation, finance operation, and missions operation. 

These specializations prepare scholars for leadership places in colorful diligence, furnishing them with the chops and knowledge demanded to deliver in the moment’s competitive business terrain.

Similarly, SMU’s MA program includes specializations in technology-related fields like information technology and computer wisdom. These specializations are ideal for scholars seeking to enhance their specialized chops and shadow careers in areas similar to software evolution, data dissection, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

One of the crucial advantages of a Mama course at SMU is the inflexibility it offers. The university’s online literacy platform allows scholars to pierce course accouterments, lectures, and assignments from anywhere, at any time, making it accessible for working out professionals and individualities with assiduous schedules to shadow advanced instruction without dismembering their particular or professional commitments.

Also, SMU’s MA program emphasizes ultrapractical literacy and assistance exposure, with openings for externships, systems, and exploration cooperations with leading associations and intellectual institutions. This grasp-on path to literacy ensures that scholars graduate with the chops, experience, and confidence demanded to deliver in their chosen field. 

Course Total Fee for Indian Students Total Fee for International Students

Master Of Art (MA)

Total course fee (four semesters)

INR 75,000

Total course fee (four semesters)

USD 930

Master of Commerce(MCOM)

Total course fee (four semesters)

INR 90,000

Total course fee (four semesters)

USD 1120

Master of Computer Application(MCA)

Total course fee (four semesters)

INR 98,000

Total course fee (four semesters)

USD 1220

Online Master Degree Programs at Sikkim Manipal University

In the demesne of advanced instruction, coursing a winner’s place is frequently discerned as a significant corner, marking a deeper dive into bone’s taken field of study and opportunity portals to improved career openings. 

Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) stands as a lamp of intellectual distinction, offering a different batch of winner’s place programs acclimatized to meet the evolving requirements of moment’s learners. Allow’s sail on a trip through the winner’s place immolations at SMU, probing the colorful programs and the pathways they extend to intellectual and professional success.

The Master of Trades (MA) program at Sikkim Manipal University is aimed to give scholars a deeper understanding of colorful firmaments within humankind and gregarious lores. 

With specializations ranging from English literature and history to sociology and psychology, the MA program offers a rich shade of intellectual disquisition. Scholars claw into overcritical dissection, exploration methodologies, and theoretical fabrics, honing their logical and message chops along the expressway. Whether you are passionate about traveling the mystifications of history, gathering mortal geste, or probing the complications of language and literature, the MA program at SMU offers a transformative instructional experience.

The Master of Commerce (MCom) program at SMU is acclimatized to meet the requirements of aspiring finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. 

With specializations in areas similar to finance, accounting, and marketing, the MCom program offers a complete understanding of crucial business generalities and practices. Scholars claw into fiscal dissection, strategic planning, and request exploration, developing the chops demanded to navigate the complications of the business world. Whether you are appearing to advance your career in finance, commence your business adventure, or shadow further inquiries in commerce, the MCom program at SMU provides a logical foundation for success.

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) program at Sikkim Manipal University is aimed at individuals passionate about technology and invention. With a seat on software evolution, programming languages, and computer networks, the MCA program offers a mix of theoretical knowledge and ultrapractical chops.

Scholars are fascinated by rendering exercises, software systems, and assistance externships, gaining a grasp on experience in slice-bite technologies. Whether you are looking to become a software inventor, systems critic, or IT adviser, the MCA program at SMU provides a logical foundation for a prosperous career in the field of computer operations.

Action-Oriented Curriculum for Real-World Success

Interactive and Engaging Learning

Immersive Industry Engagement

Guest Lectures, Webinars & Seminars by Distinguished Industrialists

Projects & Capstone

Multifaceted Assignments as a Culminating Academic Experience

Fostering Peer Evaluation

Structured Learning for Constructive Feedback and Critique

Interactive Learning with Live Q&A

Collaborative Discussions for Dynamic Knowledge Exchange

Sikkim Manipal University Advantage

UGC-Entitled Degree

The main justification for enrolling in an online degree programme at Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) is its widely recognised accreditation and recognition.

Scholarship opportunities

Exciting scholarship options are another feature that sets Sikkim Manipal University apart from other top universities and motivates students to seek further education.


High marks go to Sikkim Manipal University (SMU) for providing affordable online degree programs. Students no longer have to be reluctant to pursue higher education by signing up for Sikkim Manipal University's reasonably priced online degree programs.

Expert faculty

With an online degree program, you may take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to learn from Sikkim Manipal University's knowledgeable instructors from anywhere.

Placement Assistance

Sikkim Manipal University not only impacts quality education through its online degree courses but also helps students with exceptional placement assistance.

Diverse career paths

An online MA degree from SMU means opening up many diverse ways depending on the field of study and interests. .

Gateway to Optimal Learning Experience


LIVE Classes

Live interactive virtual classes

recorded Video

Recorded Content

Highly interactive e-Learning content

self Assessment


Best faculty interaction and chat sessions


Webinars from the industry experts


Groups discussions via live chats

Elevate and Master Your Managerial Skills

Role Starting Salary Job Openings
Quality Control Manager
Rs. 5 to 8 LPA
Store Development Manager
Rs. 5 to 10 LPA
HR Recruiter
Rs. 2 to 5 LPA
Managerial Leadership
Rs. 5 to 8 LPA
Operations Manager / Project Manager
Rs. 5 to 11 LPA
Customer Relationship Manager
Rs. 2 to 7 LPA


Optimize Your Degree for Real-World Excellence

Multifaceted pathways to unlock the true potential of your degree program, ensuring real-world impact with Maharishi  Markandeshwar Online

Pathway: 1

Mentoring & Support for Placement Success

  • Unleash your untapped potential
  • Guidance to excel in various placement drives
  • Acquire specific skills for enhanced career prospects

Pathway: 2

Incubation for Entrepreneurship

  • Access entrepreneurial opportunities, including technology support through Incubation centers
  • Seed capital for your business venture
  • Forge industry alliances and participate in capacity-building programs

Pathway: 3

Roadmap to Cracking Government Exams

  • Guidance for Government Exam Preparation
  • Tailored workshops to crack competitive exams
  • Curriculum integrated with specialized elements for effective preparation

Pathway: 4

Study Abroad Counseling

  • Expert guidance to comprehend university requirements
  • Find the perfect fit for your future university and desired field of study

Pathway: 5

Business Mentoring for Growth

  • Establish robust work ethics to drive your business forward
  • Develop vital skills to accelerate business growth

Pathway: 6

Education and Career Counselling

  • Personalized counseling to make immaculate education and career choices
  • Guidance from experienced industry professionals

Admission Process

  • Step 1

    Navigate to the official website of the university where you wish to pursue your MBA

  • Step 2

    Register as a new user and accurately fill out the application form with your personal application

  • Step 3

    Submit the application along with the required document and the registration fee

  • Step 4

    Use one of the payment methods offered on the websites such as net banking UPI payment or demand draft, to pay the academic fee

  • Step 5

    After completing these steps, you will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the program the your student enrollment number

Comprehensive Placement Assistance


Elevate your skills through our specialized Professional Enhancement Programme

Mock Interviews

Perfect your interview performance and ace your next opportunity

50-70 Company Visits

A substantial number of companies visit annually for recruitment purposes


Let’s Seek Some Solutions

Why Sikkim Manipal University?

The Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences Act, 1995 (Act No. 9 of 1995) of the Sikkim government founded the Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), which is situated in Gangtok.

Sikkim and Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG) have developed a novel public-private partnership (PPP) model that is the first of its type in the nation. As per the agreement, the Chancellor of SMU is the Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, and the senior management of the University include members from the Sikkim government.

The following are the units that make up Sikkim Manipal University:

The Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) has the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), the College of Physiotherapy, the College of Nursing, and the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Science (SMIMS).

Is SMU a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)?

Yes, SMU is a member of the AIU and is duly listed at serial 240 on page 30 in the latest AIU booklet

Do I need to write an entrance test for admission?

Most programs do not require the student to write an entrance test.

The admission to these programs is based on eligibility criteria, as mentioned in the prospectus.

For admission to MBA, however, a student needs to write the SMAT test. 

What is the eligibility for Sikkim Manipal University’s online MA?

Candidates must have completed 10+2+3-year bachelor’s degree from a recognized university/institution, or an equivalent qualification as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities.

What is the application process for online degrees at Sikkim Manipal University?

The application process is completely online and applications can be submitted at www.onlinembadegree.in  by providing the required details. If you need further assistance, then you can reach out to our admission counsellors at +91 93102 85359  and they will assist you with the application process.

What is the application fee for Sikkim Manipal University’s online programs?

The application fee for Sikkim Manipal University’s online programs is INR 500 (inclusive of GST). This is a separate fee which is over and above the course fee.

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