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Online MBA Degree for UPSC Exam

Here, we will discuss a prominent topic which can generally arise in the mind of the learning individuals of the present time which is “Is Online Degree Valid for UPSC IAS Exam?” We live in a time where technology has changed our lives a lot more than it has been in the past. Even in the sector of learning, technology has made a number of changes which has made students gain knowledge and information more easily. One such feature is online learning; this advantage has enabled students to gain a degree in any specialization from the comfort of their own homes without attending classes in universities and colleges. 

Now, this question arises whether degrees or graduation that are obtained through online education are valid for the most popular exams in our country, like the UPSC IAS exam. The UPSC is the commission which conducts the civil services exams every year to give the opportunity to candidates from around the country to apply for the most honored positions like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.

So, let us discuss whether online degrees are valid for these prestigious exams or not.

How Online Degree Valid for UPSC IAS Exam?

Online MBA Degree For UPSC

The first and foremost thing to say is that UPSC does not evaluate candidates based on their mode of education. The Commission’s main target is to analyze candidates in terms of their knowledge, skill set, and aptitude. It does not matter from where they obtained their degree or graduation. Candidates get selected only when they pass both the prelims and mains and also qualify the interview/viva round.

Online Degree Valid for UPSC: Accreditation Concern

If we have to determine whether a particular degree is valid or not, the main factor would be accreditation, be it an online course or a regular course. Accredited online educational organizations follow the same set of rules and regulations which are followed by regular universities and colleges.

The recognition of the college from where the degree has been obtained is what matters to UPSC. The UPSC accepts graduation certificates from any recognized universities and colleges, be it online or offline education. As far as the validity of these degrees is concerned, any college or university which is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) can provide online degrees which will be considered valid by UPSC.

Focus on Online Learning

For any candidate who is thinking about appearing for the UPSC exam, the only thing to keep in mind should be the focus on studying all the fundamental subjects which are included in the syllabus. You can acquire a degree or graduation through online or offline education, but covering and learning properly all the parts of the syllabus should be the prime focus. If this is done, success in the UPSC IAS exam is guaranteed. The commission is just and true in identifying the potential candidates for the most prestigious posts like IAS, IFS, IPS, etc.

When the candidates are already prepared with the syllabus, there is no issue for the mode of education obtained in graduation. Online learning is prevalent in all sectors in the present time; UPSC is no exception.

Online Degree Valid for UPSC: Practical Considerations

Online MBA Degree for UPSC Purpose

It has been confirmed so far that yes online degrees are valid for UPSC IAS exams. However, it is very important to choose the best option while deciding to get an online degree. Students should definitely check whether that university or college has produced successful candidates in the past or not. Checking the track record of any institution before taking admission helps the students to get a better understanding of the level of education which will be provided to them.

Another important thing to check is whether these online programs include the subjects which are needed in the UPSC exam. If students can get access to subjects related to UPSC before appearing for the UPSC exam, they become more prepared for it.


In summary, we can say that online degrees or graduation are valid for UPSC exams if they are acquired from colleges and universities which are recognized by relevant regulatory bodies like the UGC. The UPSC is a commission that evaluates and analyzes candidates in terms of their skill set, knowledge, and aptitude. It doesn’t really matter if you have obtained your degree or graduation through online or offline mode of education.

The main focus of the candidates should be gaining a strong foundation of basic knowledge and information of the syllabus. If the aspirants are through with the syllabus, nothing can stop them from appearing in these most prestigious exams of the country.

Like any other exam, UPSC is also a regular exam which seeks candidates that have a clear understanding of its syllabus. With the right amount of effort and hard work, candidates can surely clear this exam easily. Online Degrees are valid for UPSC, we know that now, but to be able to apply for the UPSC IAS exam, students should check whether the institution which is offering the degree is a recognized institute or not.


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