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Situated in New Delhi, India, Jamia Millia Islamia is a well-known central university. It was founded in 1920. This university is notable for its dedication to integrating contemporary and traditional teaching methods. The UGC-DEB has authorized this university. JMI has evolved throughout time to provide programs in the scientific sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities, law, and fine arts, among other areas.

To comply with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, JMI has made considerable changes to its curriculum and organizational structure. Notably, four-year undergraduate programs with flexible entrance and exit options have been added. The new system permits students to graduate with a certificate in one year, a diploma in two, and a bachelor’s degree in three. 

Jamia Millia Islamia Courses and Fees

Jamia Millia Islamia
Jamia Millia Islamia

Courses at Jamia Islamia University give students a wide range of options, including part-time and remote learning. The institution provides degrees to UGC-eligible students along with the freedom to study whenever and wherever they choose. 

Courses for Undergraduates

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed): One can become a primary or secondary school teacher and gain educational abilities.

Bachelor of Commerce (International Business and Finance) (BCIBF): The most appropriate degree for those with an interest in international commerce and finance.

Courses for Post graduates

Master of Arts (MA) in Public Administration (MAPA): It builds competence in administration, governance, and public policy.

Master of Arts (MA) in Political Science (MAPS): This degree offers a comprehensive understanding of international relations, political theory, and political systems.

Master of Commerce (M.Com): It is to expand your expertise in marketing, accounting, finance, and other areas of commerce.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): Postgraduate program designed to cultivate the abilities required for professions in management and business, including operations, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources.

Courses Leading to Diplomas and Certificates

Postgraduate Diploma in Guiding and Counseling: It prepares graduates to mentor students in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

Postgraduate Diploma in Geoinformatics: This degree helps you use your knowledge of geography and information technology to manage resources and lower your risk of disaster.

Diploma in Early Childhood care and Education: equips graduates to educate young children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development while working in daycare environments.

Certificate in Computer Hardware and Network Technology: It offers a basic understanding of network and computer hardware repair.

Certificate in information technology: Students who get a certificate are introduced to computer software and applications.

Course Annual Fee (approx.)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) ₹7,200
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) ₹8,800
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) ₹8,800
Bachelor of Commerce (International Business and Finance) (BCIBF) ₹8,600
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) ₹10,000
Master of Arts (MA) ₹10,000
Master of Business Administration (MBA) ₹25,000 

Procedure for Course Admissions at Jamia Millia Islamia

Procedure for Course Admissions at Jamia Millia Islamia
Procedure for Course Admissions at Jamia Millia Islamia

Check Your Eligibility: Each course has different requirements, which are listed in the prospectus or on the university’s Center for Distance and Open Learning (CDOL) website.

Application Form: Applicants must fill out this form with their personal data, educational background, and any other information that is required. Usually, the form may be found online at the official CDOL website.

Required Documents: In addition to the application form, candidates must send the required supporting documentation, including transcripts of grades, degrees, certificates, proof of identification, and photos.

Application cost: The institution requires a non-refundable application cost, which is typically paid online using the payment channel.

Entrance exam: Applicants are required to show up at the designated locations for the entrance exam. The university offers information about the center, the admission card, etc. 

Screening and Registration: The institution releases the list of chosen applicants following the verification of the applications and supporting documentation. Those who are accepted must subsequently finish the enrolling procedure.

Learning Resources: Depending on the course arrangement, students are given study materials in digital format or through uploaded learning kits when they are registered.

Orientation: To familiarize students with the learning management system (LMS) and other facets of distant learning, JMI may also provide an orientation program.

Prospectus for Jamia Millia Islamia

Comprehensive information designed for prospective students looking to be admitted to a range of undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate programs may be found in the Jamia Millia Islamia Prospectus.Navigating the many academic options that Jamia provides is made easier with the help of this comprehensive guide, which includes details on departments, faculty, and course requirements.

It provides clarification and assists candidates in the decision-making process by going into detail about eligibility requirements, admissions processes, fee schedules, and crucial dates. The university’s rich history, dedication to academic quality, and student services are all described in the brochure. This guide is a vital tool for anybody thinking about attending Jamia Millia Islamia for their academic pursuits.

What Does Jamia Millia Islamia Offer Students in Terms of Facilities?

To assist its students’ academic and personal growth, JMI offers a wide range of amenities. These resources, which provide a positive learning environment, consist of:

Services for Libraries: The institution features many faculty-specific libraries in addition to a central library. To aid with research and study, these libraries are well-stocked with books, periodicals, and digital materials.

Accommodations at Dormitories: JMI provides pleasant living quarters near academic buildings for both male and female students residing in hostels.

Sports Establishments: The institution places a strong emphasis on physical education and sports. It includes a well-equipped gymnasium as well as facilities for a number of sports, including basketball, football, cricket, and athletics.

Medical Resources: Faculty, staff, and students can access medical facilities and services at the campus health facility. Emergency treatment and medical consultations are included under this.

IT Services: JMI offers extensive internet connectivity and IT infrastructure to assist academic needs. This includes access to online databases and journals for study.

Counseling & Guidance: Students who need help with personal, academic, or career-related issues can get in touch with counseling services. The goal of these programs is to promote students’ general well-being.

Cafeterias & Food Courts: There are several on-campus food alternatives that provide a variety of cuisines at affordable costs.

Transportation: Teachers and students may easily be accommodated at the university because of its excellent connection to the Jamia Millia Islamia metro station. 

Monetary resources and Postal Services: To accommodate the financial and postal requirements of students and staff, the campus also has banking facilities and a post office.

Jobs after Jamia Millia Islamia

Corporate Sector: Students majoring in business administration, commerce, economics, computer science, and other related fields may frequently find well-paying jobs in corporate environments, including positions in technology, analytics, finance, and management.

Public Sector and Government Jobs: Students at JMI are well-prepared for employment in civil services, public administration, and different government ministries because of the school’s strong emphasis on the social sciences, law, and humanities.

Research and academia: Graduates from strong programs in the arts, social sciences, and sciences might go on to work as researchers or professors at academic institutions.

Non-Profit and Development Sector: Graduates from JMI are well-suited to work with NGOs, international development agencies, and other organizations that are concerned with social change, especially in disciplines like social work, sociology, and development studies.

Media & Communications: JMI offers a solid foundation that can lead to jobs in journalism, public relations, media management, and content production for individuals with an interest in mass communication, journalism, and the arts.

Creative Arts and Design: Graduates from JMI’s Fine Arts and Design departments can pursue careers in fields including interior design, architecture, fashion, and graphic design.


Rich in cultural variety and academic excellence, Jamia Millia Islamia has a long history dating back to 1920. It offers an education that combines cutting-edge knowledge with conventional values. It has developed into a renowned institution throughout time, drawing students from all over the country and the world with its extensive array of programs in several academic fields.

The institution prioritizes developing a comprehensive atmosphere that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and social responsibility in addition to academic performance. Because of this, JMI is not only a location for higher education but also a stage for the development of future leaders and innovators, making it a priceless resource for academic communities on a national and worldwide scale. For anybody wishing to join a vibrant and varied academic communities


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